Sunday, January 1, 2012

All The Pretty Colors

Recently I started adding more colors to my wardrobe. 
I'm a little more daring then I used to be.
And now I want to add more color into my home and into my life.

Lucky me! I found just the right website to help me make my life more colorful! 
design-seeds It has all these amazing color pallets. I can just look at them all day long!
another great site (thank you Naama!) is color-collective.
I don't really know why I love this website so much... it makes wanna run to the near store and buy a children's coloring book and some markers and just color all day!

here are some of my favorites.

Xo Shnuk!


  1. Check this out :

    you can put a link to any picture online and you will receive its color pallet!

  2. Hilla I'll make one especially for you!

  3. congrats on the blog!!
    I love the style and the background pattern is awesome.

    my favorite palette is the one of the floral shorts. it looks so spring-ish and sweet :-)

    how about some cupcakes recipes? ;-)